Production Consultation: If you are considering a shoot in West Africa and yet to decide where to go, we’ll help you decide if Ghana is the best place for your project. We’ll give you all the in-and-out detailed information you need about production in the country, what to expect and how we can assist you.

Budgeting and Scheduling: Are you unsure of how much your project will cost? Our in-house producer will break down your script, do all the research and come up with your production budget. Based on budgets and the production’s nature we can advise on scheduling.

Location Scouting: Ghana has ten regions and each one of them is unique and different in terms of modernization versus remoteness, architecture, vegetation and climate. Some regions have landmarks and historical sites that could serve as potential locations. Some parts of the country are similar looking to other African countries, so it’s possible to set your Malawi in Ghana. With our wide knowledge of all the regions, we’ll be sure to find you precisely what you’re in search for. We’ll also help get permits where necessary.

Local Crew Hiring: i60 Productions only work with the best. We have a list of experienced industry professionals whose knowledge is on par with international standards.

Equipment rentals: Finding some specific equipment may be a challenge, but we’re here to find them for you and if necessary get them from neighboring countries.

Local Casting: We have access to all the local stars as well us upcoming performers. We’re ready to have a casting call to find the perfect cast for your project.

General Logistics: Once a production is set in motion – from it’s development through production – i60 will manage and carry out all logistics that define the filmmaking process.

Market Research: Are you introducing a new product into the African market? Are you looking to shoot a commercial for it? If you’re shooting a commercial for a product that’s targeting the African market, i60 Productions can advise on concept and other media or film related matters. We can conduct some primary research including surveys and focus groups to give you an insight on what, who, where, why, when and how you can shoot your commercial to reach your targetedaudiences.